National Museum of Iceland


This weekend we had a wonderful visit to the National Museum of Iceland. It’s just up the street and right on the edge of the university campus. It is a rather plain grey building, but once inside the exhibits taught us so much about Iceland, its culture, and people. The audio tour wasn’t really worth the extra expense, but the artifacts were varied (if not a bit religion heavy at the beginning) and the panels were informative.


I particularly liked the badstofa (communal building/room) seen here:


As well as the wonderfully curated temporary exhibit Icelandic Silver Work. DSCN5533DSCN5536DSCN5535

The other piece that I was taken with was the block and axe piece seen here:


My colleague, Sandy Bell, gave me a book, Burial Rites, before we left. Its a fictional portrayal of the real woman, Agnes Magnusdottir, and her final days before being executed in Iceland in 1830. This is the actual block and axe head from that event – the last execution in Iceland.

OK, I can’t end on that note, so here’s something a bit more cheery…





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